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Zedd is a producer who creates EDM bangers left and right and even hits the charts. His incredible sound design plays a significant role in the success of his productions. It doesn't matter if you listen to an older Progressive House or a new Future Bass production by Zedd — you will always notice that he uses unique sounds in an extremely creative way. It doesn't matter if he uses a growl bass as a progressive bassline or replaces a whole chord section with vocoded vocals — his sound design techniques are simply on another level. With this soundbank, we are giving you those unique sounds that you can use in your own creative way to create hits yourself, just like Zedd.






Version 1.214

PLUCK - Meet Me

PLUCK - World Away

CHORDS - Hundred Miles 1&2

CHORDS - The Middle

SYNTH - Broken Keys

SYNTH - Marvelous Organ

PAD - Cute

LEAD - Japan

VOX - Stay

VOX - Good Intentions

BASS - So Agressive

BASS - Remedy

All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Sample Pack

Drums that punch

through the middle.

When it comes to Zedd's Future Bass productions, things start to get different and unique with his drums. Instead of using big stomp kicks, you'll notice that Zedd uses short and punchy kicks, tonal snares, and he will often replace the majority of his cymbals with creatively arranged percussion like a clock loop for example. With this sample pack, we grant you over 60 drum samples and loops that will not only help you give your tracks a touch of Zedd's sound but also give your productions the punch, impact, and energy a hit record needs.



Samples & Loops



44100Hz – 32Bit

Kick 02 D#

Kick 08 G

Snare 02 C#

Snare 06 F

Percussion 09 F#

Percussion 11 A

Percussion 12 Blinker 107BPM

Percussion 13 Clock 107BPM

Cymbal Loop 01 102BPM

Cymbal Loop 04 107BPM

Snare 10 G#

Clap 02

All audio demos are raw 128kbps MP3 renders, and have not been processed or enhanced in any way.

Project Files

Get lost in Japan

the mix.

Having access to Zedd inspired samples, and presets already gives you a huge advantage. However, having access to project files inspired by his songs is going to take reverse-engineering to a whole new level. We have crafted six project files inspired by his biggest hits to allow you to dive into the project files and learn how some of your favorite Zedd tracks were created.



Project Files


FL Studio

Version 20

Ableton Live

Version 10

Logic Pro X

Version 10.4

Video Demo

Watch the demo video to listen to all project files, samples, and presets in action.


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