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Preset Preview
Have a listen to some of the Presets, Samples & Project Files that come with this Soundbank !

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Serum Presets

CHORD - Harmonic

CHORD - Texture

BASS - Mystic

BASS - Wake Up

LEAD - Wind

PLUCK - Anime

PAD - Roomy

GUITAR - Western

SYNTH - Marimba

VOX - Face
Samples & Loops

Kick 23 G

Experimental Kick 05 G

Tonal Snare 26 G

Cymbal Lopp 05 90BPM

Percussion Loop 06 100BPM

Snare Roll 14 140BPM

Fill 12 140BPM

Ambience 01

Vocal Chop Loop 03 F#min 90BPM

Vocal Chop Loop 14 G#min 140BPM
Project Files

StiickzZ - Clouds

StiickzZ - Drift Away

StiickzZ - Origins

StiickzZ - Vibes
Let's break down what exactly you get with 'Sticky Future Chill' and how it is going to benefit your music productions !


Serum Soundbank (€37 Value)
120 Presets for Serum + 40 Wavetables & 40 Noises

• 120 Serum Presets
20 Chords
20 Basses
15 Vocal-leads
15 Synths
15 Plucks
10 Leads
10 Pads
5 ARPs
5 Pianos
5 Guitars
+ 40 Wavetables
+ 40 Noises

These Serum Presets are on a whole new level.
We have crafted sounds that you have never heard before. Just by listening to them you will instantly hear their rich texture, clean processing and powerful wide sound.
Our goal was not to create your typical Chill or Future Bass sounds, but rather something more unique, something that makes you and your music standout from the competition.
If you ever struggled to find your own sound or create something that is unique and defines you, then this Soundbank is exactly what you need !
Requirements: Serum v.1.214+


    Samples & Loops (€37 Value)
    380+ Drum Samples & Loops, FX & Vocal Chop Loops

    40 Kicks
    30 Snares & Tonal Snares
    30 Percussions
    15 Claps
    15 "808's"
    10 Snaps
    10 Toms
    60 Cymbals - Rides, Crashes, Closed & Open Hi-Hats
    15 Vocal Chop Loops

    15 Cymbal Loops
    15 Percussion Loops
    15 Snare Rolls
    15 Fills
    15 Atmos FX
    10 Ambience FX
    15 Uplifters
    15 Downlifters
    10 Impacts

    Having powerful and unique Drums is just as important as having unique Synths.
    If your track is driven by huge Drums that no one has ever heard before, you are going to make your competition feel like they can't compete with you anymore. Your productions are just going to sound too powerful.
    On top of that this pack also comes with a bunch of Loops which can be either straight up used in your productions, or they can be used for inspiration. Even our Loops are unique and different. Some of those Cymbal and Percussion Loops play some crazy groovy rhythms that are going to make everyone dance. 

      FL Studio & Ableton Projects (€47 Value)
      4 Project Files for FL Studio & Ableton

      Perfect tool to get started with the new genre.
      Study the Mix, Master, Layering, Sound-design & Arrangement. Remember those techniques and use them in your own products!
      Save your favorite Samples, Presets, Effect-chains & Effect-presets to use them in future projects of yours.
      Final tip: Reverse-engineer all four Project Files in their entirety. Take notes to remember all sorts of details and tricks!

      If you trying to create a something new, different and unique that no one has ever heard before, it can be quite frustrating to look at your blank DAW and have no idea where to start.
      That's where these Project Files are coming in. 
      We have crafted four Project Files for you to get you started. All of the Project Files share a similar vibe, yet they all sound completely different.
      This way you have multiple examples of how you could create something new and fresh. 
      On top of that, these Project Files can of course be perfectly used to explore the production side of music, to learn more about mixing, mastering, etc.
      Requirements: FL Studio 12+ / Ableton Live 9.7+

        Now it's time for you to purchase 'Sticky Future Chill' !


        Sticky Future Chill

        €47.00 - Add To Cart

        • 120 Presets for Serum
        • 40 Noises & 40 Wavetables for Serum
        • 4 Project Files for FL Studio & Ableton
        • 380+ Drum – One Shots, Drum – Loops, FX & Vocal Chop Loops


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        In order to use the Serum Soundbank you’ll need Serum version 1.214 or higher.
        In order to use the 4 Project Files you’ll need either FL Studio 12+ or Ableton Live 9.7.5+.
        Third-party plugins, which were used in the Project Files are Serum v.1.214 as well as xFer OTT which is a free plugin and can be downloaded here:
        No, all our demo previews have not been additionally processed with e.g. EQ’s to sound better. The presets will sound the way they sound in the demos.
        The only additional plugins that were used in the projects files are a volume controller for sidechain purposes and a multiband compressor and limiter on the master channel to get the demo as loud as possible.
        Yes, you can download a small selection of the content from this product for free to try out the product. All demos can be found here:
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        Remix Contest
        Remix one of the demo songs from Sticky Future Chill and win some awesome prizes !

        Remix: Drift Away
        'Drift Away' is one of the 4 demo songs for our latest Soundbank 'Sticky Future Chill' and we challenge you to remix that song !
        We are looking for creative, unique and catchy remixes to follow the theme of the Soundbank, so let your imagination run wild while creating your remix.
        On top of that you can win some awesome prizes if your remix is the winner !

        Nov 29 - Dec 12

        Dec 12 & 13

        Winner Announcement
        Dec 13

        StiickzZ - Drift Away


        1. Grand Prize Winner

        • One free ‘Artist Edition’ Soundbank of your choice
        • One free ‘Sticky Sounds’ Soundbank of your choice
        • Repost on our 40.000+ SoundCloud account
        • €30.00 StiickzZ.Pro Gift Card
        • Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro Studio Headphones
        2. Second Place Winner

        • One free ‘Artist Edition’ Soundbank of your choice
        • Repost on our 40.000+ SoundCloud account
        • €30.00 StiickzZ.Pro Gift Card



        1. The contest starts on November 29th 2017 and ends on December 12th 2017.
        2. Winners will be picked by the StiickzZ.Pro team and announced on December 13th 2017 on this page, our Facebook page and our email newsletter.
        3. Anyone, except for the StiickzZ.Pro staff, can enter this remix completion.
        4. Only 1 entry per contestant.
        5. All remixes have to be uploaded publicly to SoundCloud. If the submitted link to the remix is not from SoundCloud or is a private upload, you'll be disqualified.
        6. When uploading your remix to SoundCloud give it the following name: StiickzZ - Drift Away ('Your Artist Name' Remix) // StiickzZ.Pro Remix Contest
        Replace 'Your Artist Name' with your own Artist name.

        7. You have to use the 'Artwork.png' file, that you receive in the STEMS download, as your track artwork on SoundCloud. You are allowed to change that Artwork; e.g. add your name and logo on it, change colors etc.
        8. You do NOT need to purchase 'Sticky Future Chill' in order to enter this competition. Purchasing any of our products will not increase your chances of winning this competition.
        9. You are allowed to free distribute your remix; e.g. you're allowed to make your remix a free download.
        10. If any of the rules above should be violated by a contestant, it can result in a disqualification.


        1. Grand Prize Winner


        We were surprised by how many amazing remixes we got to listen to, so it definitely was not easy to pick the grand prize winner however, this remix by DEDAAN definitely stood out to us the most. The combination of creative stem use, amazing arrangement and experimenting with own melodies are what makes this one special. Every Drop sounds a little different too which makes the track feel like it's evolving over time. On top of that the ear candy is on point making every section feel different. We wished that the mixdown would have been a bit better with this one but still a great remix.

        2. Second Place Winner


        This remix by Slykzig is another one that stood out for us. The little tempo boost with slight Future Bass influences is what makes this one special for us. We don't know how to explain it but Slykzig just managed to make the song sound a bit more fun and happy. Just in general this remix gives the listeners some good and unique vibes.

        Honorable Mentions
        Here are some more remixes that stood out to us but were missing a few things here and there to make it to the top of the list !
        We have also decided to give out a €10 StiickzZ.Pro Store Gift Card to all the honorable mentions, just as a thank you for participating in this contest !


        This remix is definitely something that we didn't expect someone to make. Raiion actually managed to turn our track into a Dubstep song and he did it very well too. The Mixdown on this one is phenomenal too however, not much of the original stems were used which makes this remix feel like it's a completely different track. We would have loved to see more of the original elements inside the drop.

        Luka Richards

        This remix is truly unique. We love all the different guitars and the slight Tropical vibe of this one. A big issue with this one however was the Mixdown. We felt like it was a bit too unbalanced. Also, we felt like the chords and overall sounds of this remix was a bit too happy sounding which made the original elements feel a bit out of place. Besides that this remix defineitly managed to accomplish a lot of the things we were looking for so it definitely deserves a spot in the honorable mentions.

        Simon Durden

        When we saw that this one was going to be a Future House remix we first couldn't imagine how you could turn the original into a Future House song however, Simon Durden executed that task perfectly without a doubt. The vibes that this one is giving off are just incredible but the remix itself feels like it's not finished yet. Although this remix had one of the best Mixdown compared to other entries we felt like the Mixdown could have needed some more balance and overall some more elements could have been added. The drop for example with just a Piano and Bass felt a bit too empty.


        This remix just stood out to us because it's so catchy. Stems were creatively used for sure with this one. In the original the guitars are just sitting in the background supporting the main elements however with this remix the guitars are used as the main drop leads. We can also hear some cool and creative effects done on the vocal chop and the switch up on the third drop is pretty dope as well. This one could have easily be one of the winners for us but we just felt like the Mixdown was too unbalanced at certain sections of the song.

        All winners will be contacted by us through email within the next few days !