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The Total Future Package.



Sounds that
move a crowd.

Huge chords. That is why Future Bass is so special. With this Soundbank we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to achieve those crazy chord sounds. In order to achieve those huge Chord stacks you need to layer a bunch of sounds together which can be frustrating if you have no idea how to do it correctly. Within this Soundbank however, you will find multiple Chord patches which are labeled with numbers, making it super easy for you to simply layer those together and instantly receive that crazy Future Bass sound without knowing any complex sound-design.









Version 2.2.1




CHORDS - Majestic

CHORDS - Nobel

LEAD - Noise

LEAD - Pride

PAD - Journey

PAD - Rule

PLUCK - Bell

PLUCK - Mate

BASS - Edge

BASS - Movement

Sample Pack

The ultimate
Future Bass kit.

A huge Sample Pack. Just as huge as those Future Bass chords. Inside of this gigantic Sample Pack you will find everything you need to create a Future Bass track and all samples are specifically designed for Future Bass. This means that inside of this Sample Pack you will find short and punchy Kicks as well as huge Stomp-kicks that make your track move, tonal Snares which create that insane vibe, big Toms to create those crazy Future Bass fills and also a bunch of Cymbals to create the groove for the track. On top of that the Sample Pack comes with a bunch of loops which can be popped right into your track or used for inspiration.



Samples, Loops, FX & Vocal Chops



44100Hz – 32Bit

Kick 11 D#

Kick 33 F#

Snare Wet 03

Snare Wet 18

Snare Roll 01 150BPM

Full Drum Loop 10 170BPM

Cymbal Loop 12 160BPM

Fill 15 170BPM

Foley 42

Atmos 04

Ambience 04

'808' 07 D

Project Files

Explore Future Bass
inside the mix.

These two Project Files are perfect to get started with the new Future Bass genre. Dig deep into each Project File to learn exactly how to build a Future Bass track, study which Sounds work together well and which don’t, learn how to use huge Drums in the Breakdowns as well as Drops to your advantage etc. The list could go on and on. There is simply so much you can do with Project templates like these.



Project Files


FL Studio

Version 12

Video Demo

Watch the video demo below and listen to the 2 Project Files as well as some Presets and some Drum Samples in action.


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100 Sylenth1 Presets

560+ Drum Samples, Loops, FX & Vocal Chops

2 Project Files for FL Studio

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